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the problem with reading a good book is that you want to finish the book but you don’t want to finish the book

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Kurt Hummel in Performances:

↳ Last Name

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long distance relationships

This made me laugh louder than it should

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when you yell “puppy!” at a lil dogeand they get happy and wag their lil tail like “yess!! i am a puppy!! a baby dog!!! thank you!!!!!!”

When you yell “puppy!!!!” At an old dog and they wag their tail and get all happy like “yes I am still a little dog thank you for noticing! !”

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Thunderstorm cloud lamp

I really fucking need this. I need like 10 of these over my bed with a thunderstorm soundtrack playing.

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"I think I really wanted to prove something to myself, but at the same time, I’m very sensitive. When you see those action movies and it’s like the back of somebody’s head and then all of a sudden they give that one pose at the end and you’re like, "That was not…That was the lamest thing." You want to see the actor risking their life. It’s part of what sells it, I think, as an audience member, and, like I said, I’m sensitive about that sort of thing. So I would want to… I never would want to be that. I wouldn’t want to be perceived as a wuss who couldn’t do it, I guess. " - Scarlett Johansson

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↳ the noble house of black

"En stirps nobilis et gens antiquissima Black. Toujours pur."

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We Meet Helena" is a haunting track played in the first season on the
"Effects of External Conditions". Ever since it’s first debut it
seems to have evolved into Helena’s theme, playing throughout the series
when Helena enters a scene.

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Thinking youre attractive but having a lot of insecurities is like having a crush on yourself but not knowing if you like yourself back.


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Top 5 sex positions

  • free shipping
  • direct deposit
  • "sort by price: low to high"
  • track your order
  • 50% off

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Today I am lambsitting. He’s 4 days old. The mum had twins and rejected him. He’s doing well on bottles though. :) (source)


Today I am lambsitting. He’s 4 days old. The mum had twins and rejected him. He’s doing well on bottles though. :) (source)

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Lunch time. Feels like it’s midnight? But I’m in the UK. (I think) I will be in Indianapolis tomorrow. (I think) I had no idea people did this to promote movies. This is CRAZY!!! HAHA! Roller coaster. Except there’s a person standing by to fix my hair or to hold my hand when I poop. (A thing I’ve started to demand. I’m STARLORD!!!)

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