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blaine + um, his thing for birds

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100 70 episodes of Blaine Anderson (inspired by this)

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Darren Criss’ favorite Blaine outfit 


Darren Criss: I loved the very first outfit we ever saw him in outside of the Dalton uniform. I’ll never forget it, it was in the “Blame It on the Alcohol” episode in season 2, when Blaine went with Kurt to Rachel Berry’s party. He had this rockabilly-hipster thing going on, complete with a cool necklace and looser hair… it was really cool! I was excited to see where his wardrobe would develop from there outside of Dalton Academy.

Well, I guess that particular look must have been a one-party-only thing because after that, Blaine mainly showed up as this bow-tie sportin’ preppy leprechaun… not that I have anything against bow-tie sportin’ prepprechauns, it just was not what I had initially expected after that first outfit! But hey, I guess that’s high school right? One year you dress one way, the next, another- all part of growing up and finding yourself I suppose. Blaine just must have really found himself loving bow ties and tight fitting clothes.

I’ve loved a lot of the outfits though, some sweaters and jackets that I especially think, “man, I would have bought this for myself had I seen it outside of work.” I also tend to be partial towards the more comfortable ones, like when we’re doing some kind of workout scene and all I have to do is get into a really comfy pair of sweatpants and a tshirt!


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i was confused as to what “bumper bowling” actually was and why blaine liked it so much so i googled it and


it’s bowling with guards on the gutter so now matter what you do you can’t throw a gutter ball

it’s generally for children under the age of 10

blaine is literally a 5 year old child


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blaine + outfits

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blaine+ ‘blaine warbler’ 

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